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Hi I’m Cressel Anderson, welcome to Makercise!  I want to inspire you to exercise your inner maker from woodworking, to electronics, to metal work and beyond.  The sky is the limit so there might be some airplane stuff too. If you’re new here, be sure to check out my video below.  Feel free to explore the posts I have on this website as well as all the other project videos on the Makercise YouTube channel.

This site is all about encouraging you to explore your ability to create, build, fix, innovate and make. Wrenching on stuff is not something anyone should be afraid of.  What’s the worst thing you could do to something that’s already broken?  You should be confident in your ability to try and if it fails, you try again.  Thanks for checking us out and I hope you’ll stay awhile and join this community.

My background is electrical engineering.  I grew up building stuff in my granddad’s shop.  That’s where my intuition to make was born.  Out of saw dust, diesel fuel, iron filings, and gun powder, I became the maker I am today.  I’ve been married to Thrifty Little Mom, Kim Anderson, for 10 years and have successfully produced one male heir.  I’ve been driving the same Saturn since 2004.  It currently has 210,000 miles on it.  I want to see how many miles I can put on it before it simply dies.

My project videos can be found here on the blog or you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Makercise.

My Wife AKA Thrifty Little Mom

Cropped Headshot 2015


Me & My Male Heir

Cressel with son