Improving the Garage Light Controller

By Cressel

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In my original garage light controller post, had prepared a script to automatically launch the beagle bone black (BBB) web server. When I implemented the kiln controller, I also upgraded the garage light controller to interface with openHab. The new code for the BBB is in a zip file below. To run them, I just logged into the BBB then added the new children scripts to the launcher script. I did have to add some sleep timers to the tmux commands so the scripts would start properly.Garage Light image for openHab upgrade

 ls /etc/systemd/system/myMakercise.service -l
/etc/systemd/system/myMakercise.service -> /lib/systemd/system/myMakercise.service

Contents of /lib/systemd/system/myMakercise.service:

#instruction from

Description=My Makercise Service



Contents of /home/makercise/

# goes in /home/makercise/

# instructions from

echo "successfully ran myMakercise client script...." > /home/makercise/makercise_script.log
tmux new -d -s mcctrl 'sleep 30; python /home/makercise/openhab_bbb/'
echo "successfully initiate tmux listener sessions" >> /home/makercise/makercise_script.log
tmux new -d -s mcstat 'sleep 40; python /home/makercise/openhab_bbb/'
echo "successfully initiate tmux pusher sessions" >> /home/makercise/makercise_script.log
echo `date` >> /home/makercise/makercise_script.log

To start the service on the BBB, I ran:

systemctl start myMakercise.service

Here are the files:

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